University of Adelaide Lift


The University of Adelaide is a world-class tertiary education and research institution. It needed a lift built that would provide controlled access to various levels of the School of Engineering.


  • A tight site
  • Numerous underground obstructions were found
  • Finish and detail had to be of the highest quality
  • Controlled access was required to various levels
  • Concerns raised by the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) required careful management


  • The final product demonstrated our ability to translate detailed architectural intent into built form
  • We identified underground obstructions and handled these with professionalism
  • We managed environmental concerns quickly and exceeded the EPA’s expectations
  • Our design satisfied the controlled access requirements to various levels
  • Location, scale and architectural expression are evident at night in the light display and glowing colour

Our project team

Stuart Allen, Construction Manager
Paul Jennings, Project Manager
Gilbert Simpson, Site Manager


Urban Renewal Award, RAIA (2004)

University of Adelaide Lift