Having purchased a number of neighbouring residential properties on the same block as the existing facility, the opportunity arose for Uniting SA to undertake the extension to expand the existing nursing home. With the delayed purchase of one property, it became necessary for building works to be completed in 2 stages, enabling work to commence to two thirds of the site in Stage 1, prior to finalising the purchase of land required to complete the full design. This project followed the completion of the Uniting SA Wesley

House project in 2016. One of the key aims for Uniting SA at Hawksbury Gardens was to deliver the same high quality of rooms and finishes to a lower socioeconomic area.

Project Detail

The scope of the project included the construction of 27 new bedrooms, offices and common areas across 2 stages and the reconfiguring and upgrade of the existing building. For the 27 new bedrooms to be incorporated in to the existing Hawksbury Gardens nursing home, significant work was undertaken to relocate common areas, the laundry and staff room in to newly built areas and create a central corridor throughout the existing building. Service upgrades were also undertaken with the replacement of the existing fire detection system, replacement of air conditioning and the upgrading of services in the building to account for the increased capacity requirements.

Construction Detail

The building detail is a single story timber frame building with a brick veneer and timber truss roof. With the existing building being fabricated from a light weight steel frame, ongoing engineering and design reviews were needed to facilitate the connections between the new and the existing building. Works within the existing facility required careful planning, with areas being completed within stages to enable other sections to become available.


– Detailed planning was undertaken by the whole project team to coordinate the required works in order to minimise the impact to the residents and staff, while maximising room occupancy.

– With the uncertainty as to whether stage 2 would progress, the project was tendered as 2 stages of work with trades engaged on a stage by stage basis.

– Connection between the existing light weight steel building and the new build elements.

– Upgrade of existing services and associated adjustments.


– Good communication between Kennett’s and the Hawksbury Gardens staff enabled an excellent working relationship to develop. This enabled for works to run smoothly and to programme.

– Provided the flexibility to enable the stage 2 works to progress once the site became available

– Cost savings achieved enabled for the existing kitchen facility upgrade to be completed during the project.

– Delivery of high quality build on budget to a very satisfied client.


Paul Davies – Construction Manager

Phil Hole – Estimator

Edward Tory – Project Manager

Barry Clegg – Contract Administrator

Greg Chambers & Michael Agresta – Site Manager


UDIA (Urban Development Institute of Australia) SA 2018 Winner – Aged Care category