Our strong track record in providing an award-winning safe and healthy workplace is underpinned by a comprehensive health and safety management system outlining principles and expectations of all staff and subcontractors.

This system embeds health and safety principles in all aspects of our operations, including:

  • Tendering & Planning – Ensuring health and safety is considered at the earliest stages of a project, from tender stage through to pre-construction, with a focus on ensuring the required resources and time are allocated to exceed our legislative obligations;
  • Induction & Assessment – the Hammertech system to ensure a consistent safety induction and assessment process;
  • Delivery – Ensuring all Kennett stakeholders are trained, resourced and supported to understand and fulfil their responsibilities to support a safe and healthy workplace;
  • Review – Health and safety audits are regularly conducted on site to ensure ongoing safety.

While every effort is made to reduce the risk of injury, we understand incidents can still occur. In these situations, we conduct thorough investigations to determine if any corrective actions can be taken in the future. All staff and subcontractors are also encouraged to identify new solutions to manage or eliminate risks and hazards.

In addition to our AS & ISO accreditations, Kennett is also accredited by the Federal Safety Commissioner (FSC).

Green Star Construction

Our Green Star construction manual provides an extensive checklist to guide our project teams on the delivery of environmentally sustainable projects. This manual was developed for the delivery of Forestry SA’s Mount Gambier headquarters – where we proudly built the first 5 Star Green Star building in regional Australia.


Our project teams work with subcontractors to ensure compliance with our health and safety requirements through the following initiatives:

  • Reviewing the safety standards of all subcontractors before they join our approved list;
  • Inducting all subcontractors in Kennett’s suite of health and safety rules and expectations to ensure a safe and healthy workplace;
  • ‘Green tick, red cross’ process – once appointed to a project, subcontractors cannot start work until they have completed Kennett’s safety documentation and receive formal approval.


We believe construction activity should not adversely impact the environment. Our approach to managing our environmental responsibilities are based on:

  • Minimising all types of pollution;
  • Protecting flora and fauna;
  • Recycling and re-use of building waste;
  • Managing site contamination;
  • Monitoring environmental controls.

As part of the project planning and start-up phase, environmental hazards are assessed and controls are established. These controls are then periodically checked as part of Kennett’s inspection and audit program. They are also verified annually as part of our ISO 14001 Environmental Management accreditation.

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