Our Delivery Methods

Kennett takes a flexible approach to delivery models, working with clients in a variety of ways. Our team can recommend a construction approach that will best suit the individual needs of each client and their project.

Early Contractor Involvement

Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) allows a true partnership to flourish between building contractor, client and consultants.

Under this model, the Kennett team takes a seat alongside the consultants during the design stage to provide the best project outcomes through advance planning and advice. This early involvement means constructability, risks, trade-tested costs and value management exercises can maximise value, and the benefits be reflected during design development, when the cost of change is low, as illustrated in the diagram below.

This model aligns with our approach and values, and on average 80% of our projects are delivered via this model, with 50% of those being negotiated through repeat business.

The ECI period usually precedes a Managing Contractor, Lump Sum, Design & Construct and/or GMP arrangement.

Lump Sum Tenders

We also tender and secure many projects under a traditional lump sum contract.

Clients select Kennett from the tender field because they trust The Kennett Way will result in an efficient construction process and a quality outcome.

They also appreciate our tender submissions are based on the full scope required to deliver a project that will effectively fulfil its purpose on handover and in the longer term.

Design & Construct

A model with early involvement similar to ECI, where the design consultants are often novated to the building contractor. Kennett takes full responsibility for the design and construction.