Resthaven was looking to upgrade the communal areas of their existing Leabrook facilities. The need to refresh the internal and courtyard areas of the building had become pivotal to ensure the comfort of living and ease of everyday use for residents and staff alike. Kennett has an existing relationship with Resthaven and have constructed many different aged care facilities across Adelaide in the past for them, as well as regularly working with Brown Falconer.

Project Detail/s

The $1.3m project was conducted over 3 main stages, with completion scheduled for March 2020. Due to the nature of the environment, the staging of the project was crucial to ensure staff and residents were able to carry on without major disruption. The works revolved around the communal areas with upgrades to the main hall, chattery, courtyard, amenties, entry foyer and reception areas. The facility continued to be fully operational throughout construction.

Construction Detail/s

– Demolition of existing fittings and fixtures, including the removal of ceilings and a number of walls.

– Construction of new walls, internal linings, floor coverings, bathrooms, services and major joinery items.

– Reconstruction of existing brickwork.

– Upgrade works to existing fire, electrical and mechanical services.


– Working within an operational aged care facility. While our construction areas were hoarded-off where possible, some of the works had to take place in public areas, requiring a high level of onsite coordination with staff. We had to be extremely conscious of any noise and any general disruptions caused.

– Latent conditions, particularly a large under-slab void found in Stage 2, which caused a 4-week EOT for design and additional structural steel and suspended slab works. There were also some discrepancies in the existing structural steel and brickwork, once wall linings were demolished, which required some redesign.


– Client was very happy with the end result and quality of finish. They were understanding of the EOTs required due to the latent conditions and were extremely pleased we were still able to deliver the project on time.

– All resident feedback has been extremely positive as they are thrilled with the updated aesthetic and useability of the facility.

– Staff and residents were very complimentary as to how the project was run onsite as Kennett were able coordinate and communicate daily, particularly when noisy works occurred or access disruptions were required.


Gavin Fillmore – Construction Manager

Ed Schulz – Project Manager

Harrison Dewar – Contract Administrator

Jason Tolliday – Site Manager & HSE Officer

Travis Filmer – HSE Officer

Sean Rendell – Estimator

Entry Foyer

Waiting Area