Where We Began

From the outset, brothers Clifford and Charles quickly earned a reputation for building quality, and by the early 1920s were overseeing a team of 80 tradesmen building homes in what is now inner-city Adelaide. During the depression years they won a contract to build public housing for what was to be the satellite city of Elizabeth, now part of metropolitan Adelaide.

The post-World War II migration boom fueled demand for more housing, which Kennett continued to service while making its first forays into commercial construction and the creation of a hardware supplies business and joinery workshop to support the construction arms.

In the 1960s and 1970s, Charles Kennett’s sons Neil and Dean guided the expansion of the business into Mount Gambier, where the company was appointed to build 50 homes for the-then South Australian Housing Trust. The company has since thrived in the South-East, delivering a variety of major projects for the South Australian Government, the City of Mount Gambier, the Grant District Council and health and education providers.

Having begun as an apprentice carpenter at Kennett in 1974, John Kennett became sole owner in 1992, reinforcing in his team the values of professionalism, integrity, quality and respect that his forefathers had passed on.

In 2020 John handed ownership over to the fourth generation, his sons James and Scott, who continue to uphold the Kennett values. Together, James and Scott work with the Executive Team and dedicated construction teams to deliver high quality projects and nurture long-lasting client relationships across South Australia and Victoria.

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Brothers Clifford & Charles Kennett

Berri Hotel project with Lucas & Parker (now JPE Design) circa early 1950s

Kennett Bros Staff Picnic circa 1924