The Lintel Stone

In 1984, the Kennett team was refurbishing an Adelaide nursing home that was originally built as one of Kennett’s first projects in 1914.

A 94-year-old resident of the home advised the Kennett site manager that a surprise would be waiting upon demolition of a particular wall. Amongst the rubble, the Kennett team found a broken sandstone lintel clearly bearing the name ‘Kennett’ and ‘1914’. The second missing piece was suspected to be on its way to the waste depot.

The truck was requested to return to site, where the perplexed driver watched workers sift through the rubble to recover the missing lintel piece, inscribed ‘Bros’. Today, the lintel takes pride of place in the Kennett head office, overlooking the construction teams and serving as a reminder of our origins.

When John Kennett asked the resident how he knew what lay beneath, the gentleman revealed he was a plasterer working on the original build and remembered the bricklayers carving the company name into the soft stone during their lunch break.

Uncovering the Lintel Stone - John Kennett, Geoff Simpson, the original Plasterer Gordon Matheson and Dean Kennett – 1984