Celebrating 100 years in business

Since 1914, we have been building our reputation as an award-winning construction company and are proud to have been named the Commercial Master Builder of the Year at the 2014 MBA Awards.

We are a fourth generation commercial and industrial builder with offices in Adelaide and Mount Gambier.

Founders and brothers, Clifford and Charles Kennett began trading from their family home in West Croydon as “Kennett Brothers” until Kennett Pty Ltd was adopted in the 1970s. Shortly after the Mount Gambier office was opened.

Focusing on projects up to $50 million in value, we work through the tender market and also undertake construction-managed contracts.

Celebrating 100 years of business, we continue to deliver building success in the aged care, education, retail, government, automotive, health and commercial sectors across the state.

Our values:

  • We are passionate about our work
  • We are committed to the creation of lasting relationships
  • We are obsessive about detail
  • We understand that process creates value
  • We encourage ambition in our staff
  • We take ownership of our customer’s problems
  • We believe that our role is to help create better business


Read more about our tailored construction approach and browse our catalogue of award-winning project case studies.

First Generation, Kennett Bros

“I regard this project as a standout success. I was struck by the professional environment established from the very beginning, the tidiness of the site and the disciplined commitment to safety. Kennett always acted in Resthaven’s best interests.”

David Norton
Resthaven Pt Elliot