Our Community

Being involved in the community is important to us. We’re proud to support the Jodi Lee Foundation and the Burnside Hospital.

The Jodi Lee Foundation

The Jodi Lee Foundation’s mission is to empower people to take active steps to prevent bowel cancer and live healthy lives.  Kennett Builders formed a corporate partnership with The Jodi Lee Foundation due to a close connection with bowel cancer. Managing Director John Kennett’s mother, Jean, lost her life to the disease at the age of 58. Keen to promote early detection, John introduced the Foundation’s Workplace Prevention Program to our 45 employees in 2013. As a result an otherwise healthy 38-year-old employee discovered a concerning polyp which was removed, and he now has a plan to monitor and manage his health.

For information about preventing bowel cancer visit www.jodileefoundation.org.au.


Kennett Builders has been proudly associated with North Adelaide Football Club  for a number of years and our relationship will continue on into the future.

Nick Lee, Jodi Lee Foundation

“Keep doing what you’re doing. At all levels Kennett’s have been excellent.” 

James Raggat
Retired, CEO ACH Group