In an exciting new initiative, James Brown Memorial Trust at Kalyra Woodcroft were wishing to integrate a Montessori school alongside the existing aged care facility, to improve the wellbeing of both elderly residents and young students. Kalyra had the opportunity of moving their admin facility, who were currently in a standalone single storey building, into their new Stage 3 project next door. This enabled the old admin building to be transformed into the Montessori school, creating a unique integrated environment for young and elderly.


The demolition of a substantial old steel maintenance building and the internal stripout and refurbishment of a single storey admin ‘house’. The external land was heavily profiled with cut and fill earthworks, retaining walls and battered slopes to produce enough area for two new modular transportable classrooms to be set down on the site.

Construction Detail/s

– Strip-out and subsequent fitout of the old single storey bungalow Admin House.

– Substantial civil works to create flat areas for two transportable classrooms. Transportable units were made offsite and delivered in four sections each that were craned in and assembled onsite for use as additional teaching spaces.

– Verandah decking areas and landscaped grounds including a play area and basketball court to link together the existing building and new transportables.


– The works were brought into fruition around halfway through the next door main project and with that job in full flight, this put additional pressures on the team to integrate this second project into the resources and timeframes already being used.

– The site had no real storage space and all deliveries etc were stipulated to be made onsite and not unloaded on the road.

– Specification, trades and work scopes were carefully chosen to keep the project within a tight budget.


– The project was handed over within the specified timeframes with a pre-arranged grand opening being held attended by parliamentary members and a wide selection of the Council, Stakeholder and public personnel.

– The facility is Australia’s first co-built educational and aged-care facility and is a thriving success. Many strong connections have been made between students and residents in this unique environment, which has been proven to be beneficial for both groups of people.


Scott Kennett – Construction Manager

Phil Hole – Estimating Manager

Duncan Forbes-White – Project Manager & Contracts Administrator

Steve Kwiatkowski – Site Manager

Stuart Wheeler – HSE Officer

Sean Rendell – Estimator

Verandah Decking

Front Facade

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