Expansion of the existing occupied Helping Hand Ingle Farm Nursing Home, decreasing the bed numbers to 98 from the previous 106. Additional common areas and amenities were created such as sitting rooms, support offices, nurses stations and an upgrade to the existing front reception entry including changes to the kiosk/ café and hairdresser.

Project Detail/s

Stage 1 involved the construction of a new wing to the existing facility, and the upgrade of the front reception entry area including kiosk/café and hairdresser. The remaining stages generally involved upgrading existing resident rooms and ensuites with the alterations and additions of offices and common areas. Project comprised of 8 stages over a 20 month period.

Construction Detail/s

– Stage 1 involved a new build brick veneer building within an existing courtyard and adding an additional room to each wing.

– Café/kiosk was lightweight construction (lightweight steel framing, plasterboard). Stages 2-8 refurbishment of existing rooms and common/BOH areas.


– The fist stage of works was to build a new wing within the existing facility, site access to build this stage was a major challenge.

– While renovating 8-10 rooms at a time, the balance of the facility is required to be left completely operational, this involved working very closely with the operational staff at the facility to allow this to occur with minial impact.


Working with the client allowed more rooms to be completed during a single stage, this enabled Kennett to close 1 whole wing at a time, minimising disruption to the facility and allowing Kennett to complete works 6 weeks prior to the initial programmed completion date.


Paul Jennings – Construction Manager

Phil Hole – Estimating Manager

David Beare & Peter Veloudos – Project Managers

Peter Veloudos – Contract Administrator

Chris Doyle & Michael Agresta – Site Managers

Sanjeewa Perera – Site Foreman

Rear Courtyard