The largest Subaru dealership in Adelaide had effectively not had a refurbishment in over 2 decades. Following the successful refurbishment and rejuvenation of the Cornes Toyota site for the same client the same team were engaged to provide a more contemporary location for selling this world wide brand of vehicles.

Project Detail

At all times, the dealership’s sales and service departments were to remain fully operational during the demolition and rebuilding programme. This included a detailed staging and decanting procedure, which was achieved through trying conditions with great co-ordination, co-operation and buy-in from the Eblen Subaru team.

Construction Detail

The structure is predominantly glass, steel and light weight rendered CFC for the building envelope. The extensive use of transparent and high gloss finishes required finite detail in construction to achieve the faultless appearance car showrooms require.


– The dealership had to remain functional, with no constraints on the service department’s operations. The tight location affected the sequencing of works, delivery and storage of materials;

– Design had to meet Subaru’s strict dealership design protocol and maximise the available space;

– Internal finishes had to consider the noise caused by large areas of hard surfaces. During demolition it became apparent that accepted construction techniques had not previously been engaged. We found columns inside 22 gallon drums concreted into a dirt hole. The rectification and engineering redesign was cause for some time frustration on-site but our team re-engineered the program to complete works offsite to maintain budget and delivery time. The result was outstanding and our efforts greatly appreciated.


Delivered on time and on budget with the help of the contingency that was put to good use in re-engineering the existing structure.


Scott Kennett – Construction Manager

Stuart Allen – Operations Manager

Piotr Rzad – Project Manager

Graham Skuse – Site Manager

Shane Hillman – HSE Officer