Cosoff Cudmore Knox


Adelaide law firm Cosoff Cudmore Knox was seeking a new, purpose-built office that comprised three floors of meeting rooms, work spaces, library and improved on-site facilities.


  • Interior needed to be gutted
  • Fitout needed to be high end and contemporary while the building’s old façade required restoration
  • A lift needed to be retro-fitted and had specific requirements to allow glass to be installed
  • Limestone floor in the foyer required expert installation to ensure long-term colour and crispness


  • We completely removed the interior, only keeping the façade, roof structure and five internal concrete columns
  • The final fit-out was sophisticated with light shades imported from Denmark and the timber flitches for the stairs hand-picked by our project team to ensure consistency of colour
  • We retrofitted the lift and adhered to specific welding requirements for its steel, allowing glass to be installed with a tight and clean finish
  • We used four different floor substrates to cope with height, weight and cost issues
  • Cut and polished limestone in the foyer required us to use a specific sealer, ensuring it remains white and crisp over time

Our project team

Construction Manager – Scott Kennett
Estimator – James Kennett
Site Manager – Rudy Lundgren


SA MBA Awards for Excellence – Commendation